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Default Re: Thanks to drunken driving, Jalen Rose gets to spend 20 days in jail

Originally Posted by detroitdogg
I got my CCW when I was 18, they tried to take it from me when I caught an assault case in 05 but I beat it. I started hiding the gun when I lost my license, they will take my gun license if I'm caught riding with it on a suspended license, so I gotta do what I gotta do. I look like money and I'm affiliated with a bunch of "neagtive" people, igotta protect myself and my fam. I have seen 4 murders in my life, 2 of them over pairs of Cartier glasses, I have 6 different pairs of Cartis I rock daily, nobody will ever take my shit bro.

Maybe you should spend your money on moving your family to a safer place, as opposed to spending it on glasses you feel you need to protect with a gun.
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