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Default Re: Thanks to drunken driving, Jalen Rose gets to spend 20 days in jail

Originally Posted by detroitdogg
I got my CCW when I was 18, they tried to take it from me when I caught an assault case in 05 but I beat it. I started hiding the gun when I lost my license, they will take my gun license if I'm caught riding with it on a suspended license, so I gotta do what I gotta do. I look like money and I'm affiliated with a bunch of "neagtive" people, igotta protect myself and my fam. I have seen 4 murders in my life, 2 of them over pairs of Cartier glasses, I have 6 different pairs of Cartis I rock daily, nobody will ever take my shit bro.

my dude.....are you piecing together news stories? or are you telling the truth?

would be better if you're lying, cause if you're telling the truth...might wanna stop "looking like money" and start getting some money and move out of where ever you stay at.

Looking rich and living in a F'd up area is silly.

again, hope you're just making this all up...hate to think that young dudes out there still haven't figured it out yet.
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