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Default Re: OT: Kurt Angle Being Investigated For Steroid Allegations

Originally Posted by Derek
I've met most of the wrestlers and can honestly say 90-95% of them were on steroids at some point. Angle is clearly more jacked now then when he first debuted in 2000. Even in 2003, he wasn't nearly as big. Aside from the fat wrestlers, the ones I've met who weren't on the juice were Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, the Harts, Neidhart, the Rock, and Austin.

I don't know about the other guys you listed but

I saw Steve Austin on the Howard Stern show about 5 years back and he admitted to taking steroids in his early days.

In the early eighties everybody was taking steroids, almost openly, nobody truly knew how bad the were.

I also saw a interview on some News magazine program (can't remember which one.) and they were interviewing this scientist that helps produce these new breaking edge "designer' steroids and he takes them regularly (in small dosages of course, because not everybody has to break Hank Arron's home run record). He's old but still moves around like a 30 year old, he says they will be the wave of the future once everybody truly understands them. He swears they are the fountain of youth and he even had his own test subjects who were also interviewed and everybody swore they feel 20 years younger. Just putting that out there.
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