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Default Re: Funniest/Craziest Video Game Glitches?

Two glitches:

One was that Super Mario 64 game, when I decided to fly on top of the castle as high as I could to see what was there. Once I got there, I was jumping around and fell inside the castle. When I opened the door, I was still inside the castle. I tried to wall jump my way out, but the walls were pretty far apart. I thought I couldn't get out until I ran to the wall.
This is before I even knew about the Internet

Another one was the Pokemon blue game. That was when I played the Elite 4 so many times in one sitting that the game suddenly glitched and put me into some kind of new world. I couldn't explain it, since that happened years ago. I had to turn off and turn on to play the Elite 4 again.
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