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Default Re: Dwight Howard is back to learning from Hakeem Olajuwon

As scary as it sounds after a 23/14, 59 FG% season, Dwight is only 25 and has a significant amount of room for improvement. I'm glad to see he's working with Hakeem again, it really seemed to pay off last season.

I agree that one of the areas that he still has to improve on is keeping the ball high and becoming less turnover prone. Another is passing out of double teams, which is an area where Hakeem himself improved noticeably throughout his career. I think he at least has the potential to get in the 65-70% range from the line as well.

He started learning how to cut down on fouls and stay on the court longer and he clearly improved his post game. Those things will only improve with experience, imo, particularly his post game after a season of applying what Olajuwon showed him last year, and now another summer of staying sharp on those things and maybe learning new things.
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