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Default Re: Rank the following players..

Shawn Marion-Was a key defensive player during the Suns years, hell really their only one outside of Raja. Was a top ten player a couple years, and was a solid contributor to Dallas ring.

Sheed-Wasted potential. He never wanted to be the lead guy he could/should have been. Was really only focused for a handful of years, but those years put him above the rest.

Finley-20 points per game scorer, who aged badly. Was a pretty good guy for the Spurs last title. helped defensively, and was a nice option for Duncan to pass out too.

Stackhouse-Like Finley aged TERRIBLY. and single-handidly shot Dallas out of a title in 06.(not the sole reason they lost but a big part) Solid scorer in his hay day.

Kukoc-You could put him higher than Stackhouse, and I'm tempted too. He was a key guy for the Bulls second threepeat. If the defense was containing Pippen/Jordan for stretches Kukoc could get 20 a game on terrific efficiency if they needed him too. Won more titles than the other guys so that's something. He knew how to win.
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