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Default Re: Rank the following players..

- Rasheed Wallace - Best defender out of this group in his prime and even past his prime, could do it all except he wasn't the best defender and of course could've kept his mouth shut more.

- Shawn Marion - Great defender, in his prime he put up some great stats on some great teams that underachieved unfortunately. Now that he has a chip under his belt as a starter his player profile looks much better now.

- Jerry Stackhouse - Very underrated, one season averaged 29.8 PPG, wasn't necessarily a winner in his best season .. but still 29.8 PPG isn't that easy to accomplish. And nobody would probably guess that he averaged 30 PPG once in his career.

- Michael Finley - Great shooter, averaged 20 PPG + for 4 straight seasons at one point. A pretty great all around player. Won a chip, not as a key bench player for the Spurs in 07.

- Toni Kukoc - I find him pretty overrated to be honest, he was a weak defender and rebounder (7.0 is most he averaged and that was only for half a season) , injury riddled a lot throughout his career as well. Still a good complement to the Jordan/Pippen teams.

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