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Default Re: Kareem Abdul Jabbar: 1976-1977 season

Originally Posted by ThaRegul8r
*waits for the inevitable thread derailment*

I hope you don't leave here. I just left the other site we meet up on for good so this is the only place I'll find you now.

No matter where you go you have to sift through the rubble, but you won't find a thread like this there. Great work Shaqattack consolidating all of these resources into one.

It would be interesting to see what would have happened if this core had stayed healthy and/or if Jerry West and the Lakers had not overreacted and made such drastic moves the next two years disrupting any stability the Lakers had.

There was plenty of talent on the '78 and '79 teams, I just don't think the pieces fit together.

I recently watched game four on Hardwood Classics, maybe two or three weeks back. It was a complete struggle for the Lakers to even get Jabbar the ball, but once he did, the Blazers didn't double much, they knew Kareem himself could not beat them in that series.
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