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Default Re: Red Dead Redemption

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
Bears are the worst for me.... I been smacked a couple of times... they just rush you and they dont go down wit just 1 to the brain either.....

cougars are sneaky... Ive lost a few horses due them sneaking me

I killed a snake on the game once too... Never seen a snake other than that one time... shot him and sold the skin to the guy in Chuparosa

Thing about snakes they are hard to find/see out in the open. Listen for the rattle. I'm sure you've heard it but just ignored or didnt pay it much mind. When you hear a rattle? You're near a snake...just investigate the area a bit. Usually near a rock or by roadside. Sometimes you hear the rattle and just brush it off as part of the games music and what not.
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