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Default Just in case anybody forgot...

LeBron was awful in the Finals. We all can agree on this. HOWEVER.

One of the main arguments against LeBron is that he folds in the clutch and doesn't do anything in the 4th quarter. This is true for the Finals and the regular season; however, for the rest of the playoffs..

LeBron took over at the end of game 5 against the Celtics. Completely took over, and won us the series;

LeBron also was a huge factor, along with Wade, in a huge comback against the Bulls in Game 5 to win the series.

He was incredibly clutch and dominated for the first three rounds of the playoffs. Did he have a bad finals? Yes. But let's not get amnesia and forget just how great he was for the rest of the playoffs, especially against the Bulls, when Wade was going through a huge slump.

Also, if your response is going to be that he wasn't clutch in the regular season as well as the Finals, I agree. He wasn't. However, he became clutch in the playoffs and had a few series' where he was the scariest player on the floor during the 4th quarter, by far. He fixed his problem that he had during the regular season and showed that he could close. He just started being too passive in the finals.

Another response; the Finals is the only stage where it matters, and he was awful. My response: He wasn't that bad. Seriously; he didn't play that poorly when he tried; however, that was the issue - he didn't try. He was totally passive in the 4th and completely fell asleep during crucial possessions. Does that mean his performance is excused? Absolutely not! But it also doesn't imply that he choked, missed easy shots/free throws, or played poorly in general; he just didn't try. It was like he didn't care out there.


LeBron had a poor finals. He was the best player in the league for every other round of the playoffs. The amount of hate is unwarranted. But don't just read the TLDR; read my explanation above.

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