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Originally Posted by tpols
22/12/7 on 54.5%FG.. don't know his eFG or TS, but they are probably very high.


27/16/2 on 63%FG

CP3 was incredible, but the only area he really was better at than Dwight was passing the ball. Dwight was a more productive and efficient scorer while Paul was a much, much better playmaker. Dwight was obviously much more valuable defensively and destroys him on the glass.

Whatever the case, I was comparing Dwight to Durant when i said not close.
If you wanna know why I feel Chris Paul was better, it was because the Hornets weren't even suppose to win a game. Everybody predicted that the Hornets-Lakers series was going to be a sweep in favor of the Lakers. David West was out for the series and for the season due to a freakish knee injury and the Hornets ended up winning 2 games out of 6 against the Lakers. The Magic were the favorites and suppose to win that series, but they ended up losing in 6.

Chris Paul exceeded expectations in the 2011 playofs while Dwight Howard did not meet his. It is simple.

(That was posted in this thread).
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