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Default Re: Red Dead Redemption

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
Bears are the worst for me.... I been smacked a couple of times... they just rush you and they dont go down wit just 1 to the brain either.....

cougars are sneaky... Ive lost a few horses due them sneaking me

I killed a snake on the game once too... Never seen a snake other than that one time... shot him and sold the skin to the guy in Chuparosa
Man, Cougars startle me when they attack you from behind.. thats why everytime I go hunting for them bitches I always look around.
And for snakes yeah the rattling noises.. theres plenty of snakes above mcfarlanes ranch.
Maybe Since ive played again, I think I prolly killed like around 45-50 cougars above mcfarlanes ranch.. its like a hotspot.. cuz after I skin a cougar, theres always one coming up from behind me.
And theres a bobcat around Fort Mercer.. killed like 25 of them already.. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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