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Originally Posted by Sword.Dragons
Three best songs ever --

I Killed The Prom Queen - My Best Wishes
From Autumn To Ashes - Take Her To The Music Store
Underoath - Down, Set, Go

threes best CRAP songs ever.

underoath is HORRIBLE. Damn listen to some music that actually takes skill.

screaming, repititive guitar and drums=no skill.

I'll have to bring some good music into this thread.

Beatles-in my life
-norwegian wood
-while my guitar gently weeps
-ticket to ride
-come together
-you never give me your money
-eleanor rigby
-yellow sub.
-and your bird can sing
-getting better
-sgt. peppers
-drive my car
-nowhere man
led zep
-the ocean
-black dog
-stairway to heaven
-dyer maker
-dancing days
-over the hills and far away
-live forever
-rock n roll star
-slide away
-champagne supernova
-roll with it
-d'you know what i mean
-gas Panic!
-roll it over
-The masterplan
-let there be love
-paranoid android
-the tourist
-under the bridge
-dani california
-sunshine of your love
-white room
Stevie Ray Vaughn
-the sky is crying
-empty arms
-little wing

THAT is real music my friend. Not the crap rock and rap that is out today.

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