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Default Re: High Quality 1960's NBA footage!!!

Originally Posted by SAKOTXA
It's sad to see the NBA talent level was this bad before the 80s,90s...

This is the all star game btw, just look at how uncomfortable Wilt looks. Pay attention to the guards dribbling with their strong hand and have to look down 80 percent of the time.

Shall we prefer the 'Globetrotter-esque' dribbling of today, where a guard who doesn't palm the ball is seen as subpar. Best not to confuse stylistic changes with fundamental skills. How many players today can guard the lightning quick Hal Greer with the no touch perimeter rules? At 9:46 mark in this video we can see Greer using both hands under pressure by John "Hondo" Havlicek and he had a quick shot release too.

Elementary school kids could do the same Globetrotter dribbling tricks we see in the NBA today that many confuse with "skill". Let us watch the Dover Basketeers below.

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