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Default Re: Kareem Abdul Jabbar: 1976-1977 season

Originally Posted by Fatal9
The consistency, production and efficiency in the playoffs was just ridiculous.

This is what I have for his game logs (pts/rebs/asts/blks):

vs. Warriors:

Game 1: 27/16/7/3 (10/? FG)
Game 2: 40/19/3/9 (18/32 FG)
Game 3: 28/14/7/4 (12/20)
Game 4: 41/18/3/0 (15/?)
Game 5: 45/18/3/3 (16/28)
Game 6: 43/20/3/3 (17/25)
Game 7: 36/26/4/1 (14/26)

Can't think of it off the top of my head but how many players have dropped four 40+ pt games in a series? MJ against Suns in '93 is the only one that comes to mind.

vs. Blazers:

Game 1: 30/10/5/0 (11/19 FG)
Game 2: 40/17/1/3 (17/23 FG)
Game 3: 21/20/8/8 (5/12 FG) - foul trouble
Game 4: 30/17/2/4 (12/20)

The quote about him adding to his offensive game is interesting. In one of the broadcasts I remember them talking about how he added that turnaround jumper that year. It became a staple in his game over the next few years.

Ridiculous Production.

And yet again, what a world of difference to see how a player performed on a game-to-game basis. As far as four 40-point games, I think Hakeem barely missed it by a point with 39 in the close out of the 95 WCF
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