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Default Re: Pistons Expected To Hire Frank

Originally Posted by DetroitPiston
Frank is decent, let's keep in mind he was coaching those Nets teams that gave us headaches all the time, and let's give him a chance. If his hire is confirmed, that is.

I don't understand why anyone wants Laimbeer aside from sentimentality. That's the last thing you want to hire a coach on, and usually it fails.

Maybe a coach the players will actually respect? A coach they can't just walk over?

Laimbeer led the Shock to a WNBA championship. And before you shit all over that statement, it's still a championship in a competitive sport.

Kuester got trampled on by the players this year. That would NOT happen to Laimbeer. For Christ sake, he's one of the biggest people on the team, and he'd be the coach. He's won championships on both sides of the ball. He's played with Hall of Famers.
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