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Default Re: Hawks being sold

Originally Posted by Joey Zaza
Williams was not a horrible pick at that time, but consensus #2 he was not. Bogut was arguable consensus #1, but Hawks were widely criticized for that pick the minute they made it.

Not sure how long they keep threads around here, but iirc, if you look back, you'll see it was not a consensus pick.

I guess that is debateable, it's been a while, but I remember that for the most part Marvin was considered the consensus no. 2 pick because of his potential, height and athleticism. He was expected to be a 20 ppg scorer, which clearly he has not turned out to be. If he had been close to that, then the pick would have been a success. Of course, Marvin's laziness and lack of work ethic has certainly played a significant part in his lack of growth.

That said, it was clearly boneheaded not to pick Paul or Deron Williams.

But even more boneheaded was picking Shelden Williams over Rudy Gay or Brandon Roy. Add either one to the Hawks (which could happen with Roy coming to the Hawks for Williams and Hinrich), then we are looking at a championship level team.
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