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Default Re: Handling the ball?

To reiterate what others have said, I feel it's worth noting that dribbling low to the ground is huge. Clearly, when sprinting down court, your dribble will naturally be higher. But when executing moves in a tight space, it is common for ballhandlers to believe their dribble is lower than it actually is.

The truth is a sharp crossover dribble is probably going to happen between your knees and ankles. For those struggling to complete basketball dribbling maneuvers under control, experiment with dribbling lower than you think you should be. And as lame as some of you may believe taping yourself practicing basketball may be, it could be quite beneficial. I know in my 8th grade brother's regard, he felt as if his crossover dribble was quite low enough. Upon seeing tape of himself playing, it was clear that what he felt and how it actually looked did not match up (his dribble often neared waist-high levels).

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