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Default Re: What do the Pacers need to get better?

look i playto nba2k11 associatition and i make it to a conference finale alots of thing the need to do thats it what it was like

Collison (86 ovr(
Greg (draft 88 ovr)
Paul george (92 ovr) yes bigge surprise pacer NEED to keep george he hav a superstar potential but will need trade granger
Ibaka (78 ovr) yes and not that good but is BLOCKs defense, not much scoring
Blount (87 ovr) a crazed good block shoting center

thats is alot of defense nad then theres bench..
pierce(6 man)

thats is just the idea to pacer but the need KEEP collison and george mabe trade granger..
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