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Default Re: What do the Pacers need to get better?

They need a good PF and SG. Probably veterans considering they have such a young team already. David West's name comes up a lot, but I actually don't like that fit wise at all. I would go for Carl Landry or Nene (who should be playing PF). Afflalo or Thornton make sense (even tho both are young) but they're restricted so good luck. Then if they cant get them, look into Jamal Crawford if he's not asking for crazy money. Considering Indiana is gonna have a lot of cap space and because of their young talent they should be the top destination, they should be able to get some solid pieces. They also might be better of using in trades. Obviously we don't know the new CBA or anything, but there's a good chance that a lot of teams are going to look into dumping players for cap space, so they don't need to use their cap space on FAs.
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