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Default Re: Will Mass Effect 3 be the greatest game of this generation?

Originally Posted by crosso√er
Coming from the guy who referred to Uncharted as a "pointless" game, then as soon as people called you out; you gradually started to praise its score.

I've played both games, I like Uncharted more. If I liked a game more then ME 2 (which is my favorite RPG game by far); then it's far from "pointless". It's an intriguing adventure game; and who cares if it's linear? That simple fact should tell you how great of an achievement it is then.

Just because I like Uncharted more; doesn't mean ME2 isn't one of the greatest games ever made. I've simply displayed how Uncharted 2 received more praise from critics/gamers; that is all I did.

If a game is less flawed, how is it not better? Preference is how.
You might not be an RPG fan-boy; but you clearly enjoy RPG more-so then linear adventure games. Games win GOTY from critics who are neutral when evaluating games, not people who enjoy one genre over another. So therefore, I still believe (and hope) that U3 becomes the GOTY (and perhaps best game of All-Time); since it's right down my alley of interest.

I was just having some friendly back & forth; definitely no feelings are hurt over you liking one game over another.

Touche. I definitely will admit I have some bias in this. I was a bit harsh calling it a pointless game. I just meant that when I play Uncharted there is no epic mission like the save the world mission for Mass Effect. I felt like it was pretty casual. I don't agree though that critics are unbiased in the gaming magazines. You really think all the Rockstar games deserve perfect 10's or close to??

As for more flawless game being better let me explain it more. Some of the criteria like sound quality, graphics etc are very trivial. Most gamers aren't going to notice a big difference between the high quality games even if they have the best TV and sound system in the business. Therefor that criteria is meaningless in my opinion. If it's a glaring flaw or epic strength fine... but as long as they are on par it shouldn't be in the ranking system. These ratings value superficial things like these rather than the writing of the story, depth of the actual game etc.

It takes someone with special eyes to tell the difference from 1080p and 720p on an averaged sized flat screen for example. Very few games currently run full 1080p. Almost all run at 720p (PS3/360).

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