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Default Re: New era coming for Charlotte Bobcats?

Originally Posted by Timmeh
I kind of disagree with you on this one. Obviously, if you're going with the logic that he's no Mark Cuban, then basically 27 of the other 30 franchises don't have the right owners either because only a couple of owners spend money like Cuban does.

Jordan is actually being smart and realistic about his position. In an era where huge market teams (LA, Miami, Boston, NY) are going to attract the biggest talent, it would be stupid of him to throw a load of money to one guy only to see minimal gain, meaning, yes, we make the playoffs, but get swept in the first round every year by one of the big four. The only thing the Bobcats can do is go the route of OKC, which is kind of what we're doing. It's a piece by piece process. We're just going to have to build young talent that kicks ass and competes hard like OKC does in order to have success. Once that happens, MJ will spend more money to keep those players in Charlotte, and be a buyer at the trade deadline or in FA off season to add small pieces to improve the team.

I don't see how that is comparable at all. The OKC Thunder started rebuilding around nr. 2 draft pick Kevin Durant. MVP caliber talent. They were extremely lucky to draft another franchise player in Westbrook the next season, in addition to a legitimate defensive post presence in Ibaka. Then they drafted a good third option with plenty of upside still in Harden the next season. They have made some good management decisions to put value around those guys, but they have also made a couple of pretty terrible decisions that people have forgotten. The core of OKC's success is pretty simply an extreme amount of luck.

A franchise point guard, an MVP caliber small forward, a very good starting defensive power forward with the 24th pick and one of the most talented young shooting guards currently in the league, all in 3 seasons of drafting.

The Bobcats are counting on that kind of blind, extreme luck to become decent? And they don't even have the same kind of assets that OKC started out with? That is not a good thing.
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