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Default Re: Who should host 2014 NBA All-Star weekend?

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
Because there's quite a bit more people affilitiated with it making the trip than there would be for some random mid-Februrary game against the Raptors.

Plus it's cold as shit. Seriously, that's the biggest problem. And you shouldn't knock the league for wanting to have their weekend showcase of superstars in a warm climate, it makes sense. Who the hell wants to be cold when you've got multiple other options? I don't understand why people care so much. Where was ASW weekend at 3 years ago? I don't know either.

Yes. It is severely colder in Toronto mid-feb than it is in a city like New York. They are worlds apart. And Toronto has numerous events every year that are much larger international attractions than the NBA all-star game and it seems to work out fine with people getting into the country. The players can do it, so can everyone affiliated with it I'm quite certain it wouldn't be that bad. Again its cold as shit? What in the arena? the hotels? the restaurants and lounges people will be going to? Or is the game being held outdoors?

I understand its a comfort thing for a lot of people to stay out of the cold, but I don't think Toronto is severely colder if colder at all than many parts in the northeastern United States, which was blanketed with much more snow this year than what was received in Toronto. So if we're talking climate wise, if New York or New Jersey or Boston for example or considered, I don't see why Toronto shouldn't be.
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