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Default My take, and grade of our 76ers draft

Well I give them a C, And that's nice of me.

First off, you all may like Carney, but me, I really have problems with this selection. Carney has been totally Inconsistent his entire 4 years at Memphis. He doesn't nearly rebound, or get enough steals for his athletic ability and length. Look, it's one thing to maybe take a flier on this kid IF Seattle and OKC hadn't helped us out before # 13. I mean Seattle screws up in my opinion by taking the totally RAW Sene at # 10, and OKC at # 12 takes Hilton Armstrong. Well JESUS F'ing Christ! We had NC State's Ced Simmons just waiting there for us at # 13. And this guy according to the ESPN guys was ranked as a # 7 overall prospect. I mean where is our PF depth on this team, I mean ones with ACTUAL Skills and Potential ?

Simmons is a legit 6 ft, 10, and with great Athletic ability, and a 7ft, 5 wingspan, and 9ft, 2 standing reach. He played in that crazy " Princton style "
offense at NC State, which took him routinually out of the box, and yet he still averaged way over 3 1/2 blocked shots a game. I know he's young at 20 years old. But Webber's deal is up in two years. Simmons would have been primed to take over at that time. To lose out on him, or even Brewer, who I definitely feel was way better suited to guard SF than Carney will ever be, could have been had at # 13 as well. And we ONLY got some cash, and a 2008 2ND ROUNDER from the Bulls ???

Sorry fans but if the Bulls wanted that guy at # 13 SO BADLY, then BK should have played " Hard Ball " He should have demanded a 2008 1st rounder from the Bulls IF Simmons was gone at # 16. If it turned out he was still there at # 16, then BK could have said fine, we'll make it a 2008 2nd rounder. Again fans sorry but you DON'T let a Biggie with Simmons size, and length and defensive abilities just slip away from your grasp. Carney would have been acceptable IF both Brewer and Simmons were gone by # 13, but neither were. This was a God send for us. And BK just lets it go right
by us..( Moron )

Carney is just under 6ft, 6, and weighs less than 207 Lbs. No way in HELL can he ever hope to guard NBA SF's. And Iggy can't either as was proved the last two seasons. Okay maybe our 2nd rounder Jones can, that was his speciality, defense. But getting a young PF with Simmons athletic traits would have been HUGE for us. Carney has all the Athletic ability, but he doesn't use it. The guy shot over 800 3 Pt shots at Memphis....800 for Christ sakes! He also has very terrible handles, can't dribble at all, and he even admitted as much. He won't be a bust cause I do think he can D it up. But so can Iggy, and they both basically play the same spot. Brewer is 1 1/2 inches taller, and 20 Lbs heavier, and COULD guard NBA SF's with his extra size & strength. He also has great handles and is a better Athlete than Carney with way better shooting skills.

My choice would have been to stay at # 13 and take either of them, but probably Simmons cause Big's don't come easy.
But to traqde down, and lose out on BOTH of them, and ONLY get a 2008 2nd round choice from Chicago is as STUPID,, or should I say as Billy King as they come.

No problem with Jones in round 2. But the Toronto guy we just bought, he'll never see the pros. It is written about him that all he does is wait out on the outside waiting for the ball to hoist up 3 Pt shots. Nothing else to his game.
He's a waste of loot...period!!

Those are the facts of our draft fans,,,and they CAN'T be argued with!
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