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Default Re: Your GOTY thus far 8/16

Originally Posted by ukballer
You mean F1 2011. F1 2010 was a huge disappointment IMO, and I don't think 2011 will be much of a step forward. But I'm never going to be a fan of a console racing game as I'm a big PC racing simulation gamer, so I may not be the most impartial. Even so, F1 2010 was simply horrible.

Agreed on the SWTOR shout though, got very, very high hopes for that. My vote for eventual GOTY.

So far though, it's a tough choice for me. I only play a small selection of games, so of the games I've played, I'd have to go for Crysis 2. I know it wouldn't win a majority vote, but MY opinion is this game.

F1 2010 was a good game man. It was their first attempt at F1 racing, and I thought they did pretty good. I'm pretty sure it won a few awards as well.

Anyways, F1 2011 is looking awesome. They fixed the bugs, improved the physics, improved the AI, and added KERS and DRS. Online Coop is going to be amazing... can't wait for this game.
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