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Default Discussion About Video Game Ratings In The U.S.

I have been thinking about this for some time. Remember the "Hot Coffee" mod fiasco with GTA San Andreas? Well it got me to thinking, why is sexual content looked down upon so heavily in America? The media has no problem with showing extremely violent images, but sexual content is off limits.

The ratings board has no problem with players killing cops, slitting throats, and causing mayhem, like in GTA San Andreas, or having a guy get his head literally ripped from his shoulders (God Of War III), but as soon as a rather crude and horribly animated sex game (in which the characters are still clothed btw) is put into the game, the rating jumps from Mature to Adults Only?

This is a question that goes outside the realm of video games and into the general media, but I thought I'd discuss it here.

What are your thoughts on why this is in America? Why is extreme violence and gore seemingly accepted more than sexually explicit content?
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