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Default Re: Fantasy News/Advice/Sitem-Startem/ETC.

Originally Posted by TylerOO
Its not even arguable that he feasted on crappy teams. His best games were against the following teams, TEN, DEN, SEA, JAC, HOU, ARI, all bottom 10 in passing last year. This year his schedule is much more difficult, especially late in the regular season (fantasy season) and playoff time. Including a stretch of Pitt, Chicago, Jets, GB, from week 12-15. He also has games against SD x2, and Miami. He also plays OAK twice, yes they lose Nnamdi but they still have a very solid defense. Bowe only has three games against teams in the bottom HALF of passing defense last year. Not feeling him at all. Look at his last 5 weeks of last season, that i what I expect from him. He will have one game out of 5 where he puts up good stats. Not to mention he didnt have one target against the Ravens in the playoffs. I know you have him and its good to stay positive, but I personally dont think he will top 7 TD's, this year. Now, if he proves me wrong, good for him and you, I like him as a player and guy, and had him past two years.
See, but the thing is... Seven receiving TDs is pretty good for a 4th/5th Round pick, which is where he has been going.

Also, I'm not going to say that schedule is completely meaningless, but I think it is overrated in the NFL. It is difficult to forecast which teams will be the strongest and which teams will be the weakest from season to season.

Going into last season, most people would have said that Bowe would feast on a team like Cleveland and struggle with an improved Houston squad.

He ended up with 4 catches for 45 yards against the Browns and 108 yards and two TDs against the Texans.

Yes, for receivers, schedules do matter... But, not every 'good defense' is going to hold top notch receivers in check... The teams with lockdown corners, yes. But, not every good defense.

Pittsburgh can be very susceptible to teams with a top flight receiver (see what TO did to them last year as an example). Same with Chicago and Green Bay... Good defenses, but they don't have a Revis that is going to shut down Dwayne Bowe.

Bottom line: I don't think anyone is expecting him to replicate what he did last year in 2011. However, he doesn't need to in order to be a solid fourth round draft pick.
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