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Default Re: Fantasy News/Advice/Sitem-Startem/ETC.

Marlo, I kinda figured that. Money leagues you wanna keep your stuff to yourself.

Originally Posted by TylerOO
I made a post earlier with a few.
I like Tim Hightower, Owen Daniels, Felix Jones, Mario Manningham, Jared Cook. I also think Dez will be real good this year. And not really a sleeper, but Ray Rice will be the number 1 fantasy player this year.

Agreed with Mario Manningham and Hightower.

Just saw your post above after you mentioned it. What dont you like about Dwayne Bowe? I doubt he duplicates the season he had when it came to TDs, but I could see a nice catch/yardage season being done again.

Also Marshawn Lynch to me is the Lawrence Maroney of Rbs. I cant touch him. He never does what you expect.
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