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Default Re: PGS -- If you can play with your back to the basket , you can CREATE CREATE CREATE

You are definitely right. Kobe has really done the same thing as he has got older... Magic did this a lot more in the 91 finals... He would come down and post up Jordan or Pippen seemingly half the time from the 3 point line... well more just play with his back to the basket not post them up (which he would do too). And yea it saves energy, but if your not that quick, spinning off your defender or using hesitation moves with you back to the basket are great ways to get space... and yes you can see the whole floor, cutters, and those screens that the Lakers set when Magic had his back to the basket, those were very effective. this is pretty much the way I am trying to play these days. I hardly play because of knee and other body part pain, but this is the sort of stuff I practice on my own at my own pace trying to master is. the cool thing is, you can still play this way when you are 45 and still be effective if you master it. It's a crafty man's way of playing ;)
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