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Default Post your favorite Demos [XBOX/PS3]

XBOX 360:

NBA 2K11
Madden 2K12
Lost Planets 2
Army Of Two

Been co-oping with a few friends. The best Demo so far we've came across is Lost Planets 2. The graphics on this is, I must say amazing. Co-op mode with 4 friends, party is just amazing. It's really fun. I recommend this download because it's simply just fun, a great way to experience a demo, and with friends.

Another demo I would like to point out is Nail'd. It's a racing game, super fast unrealistic. The graphics I would give a 10. Their really good, very addicting game. Sadly you can't play multiplayer in this demo. I let my little cousin play, he's highly addicted to it, even myself. It comes with two maps, the maps I must say are great. It looks like their coming at you. High racing unrealistic gaming is what I got interested in after playing this. I thought about purchasing this.

Post your demos that you've downloaded, played, and whether or not you recommend it. Leave a comment on your ratings if you would like.
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