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Default Derrick Rose's Anemic Stats Against FIBA Competition

Since this forum is flooded with idiots that claim Derrick Rose would "dominate Euroleague", "win 10 MVPs and championships in Euroleague", "average 50/20/10 in Euroleague", "average 80/30/20 in Euroleague", etc.

It's about time to put this insane and ludicrous myth to rest here. The fact is that Derrick Rose would absolutely suck in the Euroleague. He cannot properly run an offense. He cannot properly run the pick and roll. He cannot shoot from Euroleague 3 point distance. He is a total ball hog. He is a chucker. Without the ball in his hands, he is absolutely useless on offense. He is an incredibly huge turnover machine.

He relies on NBA rules (no true zone defense allowed, no hand checking allowed, defensive 3 seconds rule, and NBA refs that give "superstar treatment") to inflate and exaggerate his basketball ability.

He plays in a league (NBA) where the point guards are small and where there is almost no physical contact allowed, and where he can automatically get free throws by simply lunging into the paint and throwing himself to the floor.

In the Euroleague, literally every strength of his NBA game would be taken away and literally every weakness of his NBA game would be accentuated.

Also, in the Euroleague, they don't just give out assists for any pass to a score. You have to actually earn the assist. So people that think he could average as many assists in Euroleague as he does in the NBA are totally delusional.

We have already seen Derrick Rose playing under a FIBA system and rules. The result was --->

Derrick Rose 2010 FIBA World Championship Stats:

23.1 Minutes Per Game

45.8 Field Goal %
27.8 3 Point Field Goal %
50.0 Free Throw %

7.2 Points Per Game
3.2 Assists Per Game
2.1 Rebounds Per Game

1.1 Steals Per Game
0.3 Blocks Per Game
1.6 Turnovers Per Game

And this was with extremely friendly to Team USA reffing during the entire tournament. Something he would not get if he was playing in the Euroleague.

Simply put, Derrick Rose would flat out suck if he was in the Euroleague.

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