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Default Re: Derrick Rose's Anemic Stats Against FIBA Competition

Originally Posted by Sampsonsimpson
Hmm not sure this is relevant. First he only played 23 minutes a game, only had 1.6 turnovers, had a pretty good FG% and was on a team with Durant (Who dominated) and other NBA stars.

Players who play on these FIBA and Olympic teams always have a drop in their stats because they are sharing the spotlight an playing significantly less minutes than they normally would.

I believe Jordan only averaged 8 points or so on the 92 Dream Team and we all know how that turned out

Even most of the top players in Euroleague average about 25 minutes per game. He would not be playing that many more minutes in Euroleague, considering that the average starter in Euroleague plays about 20 minutes a game.

His 3 point field goal percentage was 27.8 with a shorter 3 point line than the Euroleague uses. Also, I was referring to his turnover rate in the NBA playoffs, which was awful.

We saw how turnover prone he is when the defense is keyed on him and he is running all the plays in the NBA playoffs. In the Euroelague, that would be even further accentuated because of the true zone defense, allowance of hand checking, less space to operate, and allowance of more physical contact.

Without being able to shoot from long distance, teams would really zone on him and sag off him and pack the paint (no defensive 3 seconds rule). Less passing space, because of a smaller court and true zone allowed (you do not have to be within an arm's length of the defender like under the NBA "zone") would mean a ton of turnovers for him playing in the Euroleague.

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