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Default When will the owners and players realize

that stern is the problem. Stern is not a good businessman. I consider nba or basketball the best sport in the world. Its just that soccer is older and it involves alot of countries. But when it comes to revenue, the nba is only at 3rd behind baseball and nfl. I believe there is mismanagement there.

NFL is successful because of its team concept and fairness while stern is the opposite of it.

1. He prefers individual play over team play thus giving superstar treatment. It may attract bandwagoners all over the world but it also annihilates fans that doesnt have any superstar on their team knowing that their team has no chance of winning against teams with superstars. FAns that go to arenas provide more revenue than those bandwagoners who are just watching on tvs.

2. He prefers dynasties over parity. He screwed alot of teams like kings, dallas, suns, boston just to have dynasties. The reason why nfl and ncaa are doing better when it comes to ratings because there is that unpredictability factor. Its more fun to watch underdogs winning than lakers/boston winning every year. Instead of making it a best of 3 in the first round, he made it to best of 7 to lower the chance of upsets. I believe nba has still a chance because ncaa which has lesser talent garners more rating than nba but IMO Stern has to go.

3. Instead of having an independent referee system and increasing the number of referees to avoid those scandals, he gives more power to the referees to give technicals. LOL Which makes it more suspicious that stern is behind donaghy and other scandals.

4. He rigs the draft. This again annihilates fans due to unfairness.

All of those above reduces the ratings of NBA and thus reduces the demand. The lesser the demand then the lesser the revenue.
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