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Default Re: Philadelphia Eagles Fan Thread

Originally Posted by StateProperty
Stop listening to John Smallwood.

There weren't any RT's on the market that I know of who we should have pursued. You could say we should have draft one but then we likely re-sign Nick Cole at RG and there's another problem. It's better now than a month or 2 into the season. They didn't do the switch until it was announced Ryan Harris needed surgery so I guess they were banking hard on him.

Terrible excuse. So you neglect RT by saying "Hey we really couldnt upgrade the position. ". First why on EARTH would you bank on Ryan Harris who has had a history of injury issues? Denver didnt even care to give him a 1yr deal to retain him. Eagles always go after these injured players with these 1yr deals in hopes they play their ass off and its a win win for both sides. Win for player in contract year so he'll produce and Eagles will get a productive player out of it. Winston Justice? Turnstyle and his injury was and still is a ? mark. So thats 2 RTs with injury woes heading into the new season protecting Vick. King Dunlap is a backup. He was a project when he is drafted and still is.

Eagles always neglect positions that are needs until the last minute. We can go through the history. Who the hell was our CBs last season? Oh, after Asante Samuel you got Ellis Hobbs, Dmitri Patterson, Joselio Hansen. And guess what? Eagles gave up the MOST passing TDs in Eagles history (correct me if I'm wrong). What do Eagles do? Totally revamp and upgrade the secondary with DRC and Aso. Goodbye Hobbs, good luck Browns with Patterson. The year they decided to neglect special teams? Burnt them. Then they ended up addressing it. They are always a step behind on needs.

There are veteran LBs we should add for 1 yr. I guess they'll do it eventually then I'll ask why did you wait so long?

Doug Free, Jarad Gaither are 2 Tackles that were available. There were enough RTs to choose from. Eagles could have also signed a Guard and moved Herremans to RT. Willie Colon another option.

2011 draft had RTs to draft but they went OG Watkins.

Get out of here Dave Spadaro!!!!
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