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Default Re: Wilson Chandler playing in China for the WHOLE SEASON!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Rowe
When the season is over, he'll return as a Restricted Free Agent. He still has to accept his Qualifying Offer, when he does then he'll be a Nugget for I guess maybe 13 games or so in April. That makes him an Unrestricted Free Agent next summer.

Originally Posted by Rowe
Kleiza spent the entire season in Greece tho. Chandler will be back to accept his QO, & join the Nuggets at the end of the 2011-2012 NBA season to become an Unrestricted Free Agent next summer.

Genius move for Chandler.

A qualifying offer cannot be accepted after March 1. Teams may place a shorter time limit on their qualifying offer, specifying any date between October 1 and March 1 by which it must be accepted. If the deadline passes and the qualifying offer is neither withdrawn nor accepted, then the player continues to be a restricted free agent. The team and player are also still free to negotiate a new contract after the qualifying offer ends -- the deadline only affects the player's ability to accept the qualifying offer.

Nope. Don't work that way.

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