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Default Re: Wilson Chandler playing in China for the WHOLE SEASON!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Shepseskaf
My mind is still resisting this reality. As much as people, in general, know about the lockout, its still going to come as a shock when there's no NBA ball come October.
Im not worried. I can live with the season coming back in January.

I'll be shocked if there is no NBA season whatsoever tho.

Right now would be a dead period anyways in terms of NBA news. All of the rosters would've been set following Free Agency, teams would have already made their trades, & really just gearing up for training camp/preseason.

This just means we're going to see another flurry of trades/signings/"amnesty clause" releases once the Lockout is over. The NFL one was fun as hell with all of the speculation of who was going where, but in the NBA we see 10x more trades.
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