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Default Re: Wilson Chandler playing in China for the WHOLE SEASON!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Rowe
Wrong. I dont think you understand.

If they retract("take away) their Qualifying Offer, he is free to join a new team. The Qualifying Offer is meant to maintain a player's rights. Taking it away, means Chandler becomes an Unrestricted Free Agent. Like you pointed out he has until March 1st to accept the Qualifying Offer they made to maintain his rights, but if Denver "takes away" his qualifying offer, hes free to join whoever he wants.

I highly doubt they're going to do that. You take away a Qualifying Offer for an end of the bench bum like a Zabian Dowdell.

No such thing as sitting "idly" in the NBA unless you're stashing international draft picks who you've never signed to a NBA contract.

I say this only because Atlanta submitted a Qualifying Offer to Josh Childress for 3 consecutive summers. Although he had signed a 3 year deal in Europe, they kept submitting the qualifying offer to maintain his rights for when he came back. When he did, they signed & traded him to Phoenix for a 2012 2nd rounder. If they had not submitted a Qualifying Offer in, he would've been an Unrestricted Free Agent.


You just gotta read.

A qualifying offer cannot be accepted after March 1. Teams may place a shorter time limit on their qualifying offer, specifying any date between October 1 and March 1 by which it must be accepted. If the deadline passes and the qualifying offer is neither withdrawn nor accepted, then the player continues to be a restricted free agent. The team and player are also still free to negotiate a new contract after the qualifying offer ends -- the deadline only affects the player's ability to accept the qualifying offer.

So Nuggets give him a QO that ends November 1st. If Wilson doesn't accept by deadline, which he can't because he's playing in China, then offer is taken off the table. But Wilson is STILL restricted.

You make alot of assumptions in your head about the way things work, but you're not reading the fine print.

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