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Default Yes LeBron is a loser and a choker but...

Wade & Bosh don't get to the finals without him.
LeBron is what made this Miami Heat team successful, he's the reason they became great from the 1st season, not Wade.

Wade was bricking like crazy during the ECFs while LeBron Killed the Bulls on both sides.

Is Bron the one to blame for the Heat's loss? Yes.
But is he the only one to blame? No. Wade and Bosh weren't good enough to win it all as well.

Bottom line: LeBron DID choke, but don't act like Wade was all super and mighty.
Although he was better statistically, he made tons of bad decisions and took quite a lot of bad shots himself and couldn't step and carry the team as LeBron did a couple of times in these playoffs.
Oh and Dirk was awesome of course.

They are all to blame. Perhaps LeBron even more so than the other two, but that's because we held him at a higher standard.
Anyways the point of this thread is to shut the delusional fans that say that the Heat lost because of LeBron
while completely ignoring the fact that:

if it weren't for him they wouldn't have been in the finals in the 1st place.

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