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Default Re: The Horrible Play By Ricky Rubio Continues

Originally Posted by qrich
Don't think Rubio will ever be a star, probably a better Goran Dragic or a Rick Brunson

But he does have the potential due to his age and how well he has done at times.
what the ****, goran dragic is actually really good, if Ricky Rubio is lucky his prime will look like Goran Dragic's rookie year, seriously I think Scrubio is going to be a bigger flop than Shitnoulis was, atleast Shitnoulis could dominate against the euroscrubs, Ricky can't even do that, and by the way did I mention how mentally soft he is? Imagine Pau's mental fragility and then add on a typical woman's insecurity and that is the mind of ricky rubio
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