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Default Props to NBA 2K12/2K Sports

Okay so I used to be a live player first, 2K player second. I basically bought both games yearly starting in 01 ish. In around 07 I dropped Live because their quality was going down while 2K's was going up. I wanted to give props to 2K Sports because despite no competition this year they took the harder path. They didn't sit on their ass** to rake in money from Live players who aren't getting a game. Instead they worked hard to improve the game in tons of ways and have arguably created the greatest basketball sim ever, topping even last year according to almost all previews.

Fan interaction, more realistic in every way, more accurate signature moves/shots for each player, better announcers (added Steve Kerr), sick soundtrack. More realistic physics, more fluid post game, way more post moves and collision moves in the paint. The post up button is now a toggle which means you won't have to hold it down like older games. I mean what's not to like!?

Kudos to these guys and I will be buying 2K12 opening day. I'm getting the Larry Bird cover... how about you guys?
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