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Default Re: Spurs big dude DeJuan Blair signs to play in Russia

Originally Posted by LJJ
Stupid stupid stupid.

Dejuan Blair has no anterior cruciate ligaments. You read that right: he has NO ACLs! That's the stuff that protects the bones in your knees from going 'bang' every time you make a step.

His health and durability is severely limited, he should not be doing anything that could potentially shorten his NBA career and thus his big pay day. He should spend his off-seasons riding around in wheelchairs to save his knees, not making a little side money in Russia playing hoops and hurting his knees.
So I'm guessing he is going to get paid worse in Russia than in the NBA? Because if the russian team is offering him good money, it makes perfect sense.

Anyway, I'm a fan of Dejuan. It was extremely frustrating see him fall so low in the draft, glad he proved many wrong. Hope the best for him in Russia (and back in the NBA whenever that is)
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