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Default Re: Random thoughts on the lockout / offseason:

a chris bosh interview just came out on SI:
Quote: Would you say last season was a success?

Bosh: Well, what I tell people all the time is that it depends on what we do with that first season. If we never win, then yeah, last season was a failure. If we don’t win in upcoming years or if we do the same things over again, then yeah, last season will have been a failure because we won’t have grasped the lessons that we needed to have grasped. Do you feel the scrutiny you guys received was unfair?

Bosh: It was definitely unwanted. I think I speak for everyone when I say it was unwanted. It was a bit extra, absolutely. I think people just started throwing rocks just because that was the hot thing to do at the time. It is what it is, and it made us stronger. We survived it, so I feel if we can survive that, we’re definitely strong enough to overcome it.

(full interview at link)
this interview and boshs' reaction after the finals has impressed me. he really should be the official leader of that team, not the other two.
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