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Default Re: 2011 College Football Thread

Originally Posted by northwinds
My opinion is spot on.....that's why its so funny that Boise and BYU with their two stars just went into the SEC and beat two teams with their dreadlock five stars....Rivals discriminates against white athletes. Go look at their top 100 WRs and RBs....come back and tell me how many are white....come on.. tell me. Are you a racist that does not believe whites can play WR and RB?...c'mon tell me. LMAO

No, I'm a white man who truly believes that the majority of the best skill position players in the nation each year are African-Americans. Just because a BYU or Boise State beat a bottom-feeder SEC team and a middle of the road SEC team in a one game scenario in which they had an entire off-season to prepare for said opponent does absolutely nothing to change my mind.
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