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Default Re: Darrelle Revis vs. Nnamdi Asomugha

Notable Revis Island Classics from the last two seasons (chronological order):

A. Johnson: 4 rec, 35 yds, 0 TD
R. Moss: 4 rec, 24 yds, 0 TD
M. Colston: 2 rec, 33 yds, 0 TD
T. Owens: 3 rec, 13 yds, 0 TD
S. Smith: 1 rec, 5 yds, 0 TD
R. Moss: 5 rec, 34 yds, 1 TD
T. Owens: 3 rec, 31 yds, 0 TD
R. White: 4 rec, 33 yds, 0 TD
R. Wayne: 3 rec, 33 yds, 0 TD
C. Ochocinco: 0 rec, 0 yds, 0 TD
C. Ochocinco: 2 rec, 28 yds, 0 TD (AFC Wild Card)
V. Jackson: 0 rec 0 yds, 0 TD (AFC Divisional)
R. Wayne: 3 rec, 55 yds, 0 TD (AFC Championship)
C. Johnson: 1 rec, 13 yds, 0 TD
A. Johnson: 4 rec, 32 yds, 0 TD
T. Owens: 3 rec, 17 yds, 0 TD
B. Marshall: 2 rec, 16 yds, 1 TD
R. Wayne: 1 rec, 1 yds, 0 TD (AFC Wild Card)

These are the No. 1 1,000+ yard WRs who either crossed that mark during the same year or at worst, the season prior (I think )

Any Jets/Revis fans more than welcome to make corrections or additions. I don't care what VJax statline was for that game. He didn't catch a ball with Revis on him, nor did Antonio Gates for that matter. And I'm also sure Wayne didn't get 55 yards when the game was close. Swear to god he caught a ball for 30+ yards in garbage time. A big reason the Colts couldn't get going in the first half was due to Revis locking him down.

Obviously, he didn't have as many vintage games last year due to the hamstring issue and less marquee matchups on the schedule. In the playoffs, the Patriots didn't have a true No. 1 guy and I believe he covered Ward for most of the AFC Championship.

When I get a chance I've got to look up the targets for these games. The cool thing with Revis that you can't do with almost virtually any other CB who ever played football is even without watching the game, you can look at how the opposing team's best WR fared and know it was Revis on him 95% of the time. Can't do that with Nnamdi, Champ, or Prime. Certainly not Woodson, Lott, Blount, Haynes, et al. There are some exceptions such as the San Diego playoff game when he had dual responsibility for Jackson/Gates.

That's an unbelievable football player. I have no hope Patrick Peterson will ever be that dominant. And he hasn't played a single game yet. The degree of difficult to pull those types of stunts against the best receivers in football, every snap, week-after-week is completely mind boggling. Scary part is that once he actually got set, he was even more dominant at the end of last season than he was in 2009.

Looking Ahead This Year. Revis likely match ups:

Miles Austin
Mike Thomas
Darius Heyward-Bey
Anquan Boldin
Chad Ochocinco
Brandon Marshall
Vincent Jackson
Stevie Johnson
Chad Ochocinco
Brandon Lloyd
Stevie Johnson
Santana Moss
Dwayne Bowe
Desean Jackson
Hakeem Nicks
Brandon Marshall
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