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Default Re: Darrelle Revis vs. Nnamdi Asomugha

Data Points Blog Entry:

Who’s the best corner in the game? For years, Champ Bailey was the popular choice, and many fans still feel he is at or near the top. Over the last couple of seasons, Darrelle Revis has most often gotten the nod as the best pass defender in the NFL. Both players are discussed as potentially the best of this millennium in the Player 2K series.

So where does free agent Nnamdi Asomugha fit into this discussion?

Perhaps he should be at the top. Since 2008, when Revis first started getting recognized for his great play, Asomugha has been nearly unbeatable. Asomugha has been thrown at fewer than half as many times per game as both Bailey and Revis, while he’s giving up a measly 1.2 receptions per game over the last three seasons.

In case you’re wondering, Asomugha only allowed 13 balls to be caught on him in 2010.

Not really surprising. Revis sticks like glue to the other team's No. 1 and they try to get it to their guy regardless, hence more targets. Asomugha completely locks down one side of the field no matter who's there and they don't bother. From how they've used him in the preseason thanks to the article posted by StateProperty, it looks like he'll continue to play the right. Just can't imagine him not being used in a bigger capacity in January when it'll be a necessity to lock down the opposing No. 1 receiver, particularly if that happens to be the likes of White, Jennings, Megatron, Fitzgerald, Nicks, et al.

And yes, I do think it's a necessity these days to keep the No. 1s in check. For offenses like the Saints and Patriots who dont have a clear-cut guy (I suppose Colston fills that role for New Orleans) it becomes a little more complicated with their short yardage, equal opportunity passing attacks. Rodgers likes to spread it around quite a bit as well, but I can't help but feel how much better the Jets wouldve fared against Green Bay last year considering how Rodgers ripped through Pittsburgh's secondary. Jennings wouldve been eliminated by Revis rather than going for 2 scores. Cromartie would've handled Jones (or Jordy Nelson for christ sakes) on the otherside with a rolling safety if need be.
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