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Default Playmakers Sportsbook

Betting season is officially upon us and now that I've had time to study the lines I will be posting all of my bets with you guys. I have a lot of money laid out on week 1 so here we go.

I came across a LOCK last night. Obviously there is no such thing as a sure thing but to me this is as close as it gets.

Prop Bet - Michael Turner rushing yards - 80 yards (-115).

Bet 400 to win 373.

Other bets I made:

Browns money line/Chiefs money line/Patriots money line - Parlay.

200 to win 300.

Washington money line/Titans money line - Parlay

80 to win 340

Browns money line/Cardinals money line/Patriots money line/Chargers money line/Panthers vs Cardinals over under 37 (over) - parlay.

30 to win 140.

Made some homer plays but nothing I would recommend to anyone.

Here we go!
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