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Default Re: Playmakers Sportsbook

Originally Posted by baseketball4life
Best of luck Jail, I hate the Bills this weekend, but hopefully for you they win lol. I think the KC defense is staunch, JC will run wild, and Cassel will manage the game. Bills have no o-line and aging defensive players, it could happen though, but in arrowhead? I doubt it, KC even when they suck are very very tough to beat even for good teams in arrowhead let alone the Bills.

Yeah, its a total gut call for me on the Bills and ill-advised but **** it lol. I don't think the Chiefs will be as good this year and they looks a little dissapointing in preseason. I probably wouldn't be betting on them if it weren't such a small amoutn. I do think the Bills defense is better than people think tho.

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