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Default Re: Would Ryan Fitzpatrick be a Top 10 QB if he wasn't in Buffalo?

Originally Posted by JMT
Big kid, throws a good deep ball, decent touch on shorter stuff, smartest QB in the league (Harvard). Bills won't be half bad this year, but are buried in that division with NE and NY. They had one of the league's toughest schedules last year and lost a few close games. MUCH better team than people think they are.

Made great money on them vs KC yesterday. Chiefs are complete frauds. Easiest schedule in the league last season. They'll win 5-6 games this year, and Haley will be the first coach fired.

I agree with this, Buffalo isn't as bad as I've seen some people say they are, no I highly doubt they are going to make the playoffs, but I think they are a 6-7 win team (maybe 8 if your generous/lucky) in a tough division.

The Chiefs are going to be the league's biggest flop, I would be shocked to see the team win more than 6 games this year honestly, they aren't that much better than Oakland or Denver on paper. I mean, what is there to write about this KC team when the running game is performing bad?
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