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Default Re: Random thoughts on the lockout / offseason:

i really, REALLY don't understand this prokhorov political thing.

this morning it came out that he's done with this political opposition. forced out by the kremlin, or maybe by certain other events / influences.

but net income is commenting heavily that this is very bad news for the nets. what i don't understand is, "why?" i mean, i don't see for a moment why prokhy's image in the NBA or among free agents should take any significant hit over this. most people around the league probably barely know about his political ambitions, and if so, barely care.

so unless prokhy is completely suicidal, then he tones down his political ambitions, and we more-or-less go back to the way things were before, right?

anyway, that's what i myself would think, except for the fact that NI is so upset over this. but hopefully he will explain why at some point, such as in a response to my comment in the article page...
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