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Default Re: Ico/Shadow of the Colossus to PS3

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Wow Shadow is my fav PS2 title ever after Metal Gear 2. This is excellent news! It's funny because recently I checked news for info on a possible sequel and was bummed to find none. For those asking about the game it's absolutely epic. Open world... have to travel around and slay these giants to save a dying woman you find.

The only flaw with the game is how desolate it is. No interactions with people, no towns... nothing. Pretty much the open plains and areas where the Colossi are. Story is very interesting and the boss fights are incredible though. It's the only game I've ever liked that was so empty with so little interactions.

what you state as a flaw is the game's biggest asset and in fact its what the game is all about. the feeling of solitude and otherworld is just amazing. adding up more elements to the game would have spoil the general mood of it and ruined that special feeling about it.

I am heartedly looking forward to grabbing this collection for my PS3. I cant wait!
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